About Us

Babee Beaneez is the brainchild of Ariella Lowenstein. Our goal is to bring you the best, most adorable baby hats around. Anything we make can be customized to fit exactly what you're looking for.


How We Started

Babee Beaneez started off as a seed, a hint of an idea. I knew I wanted to do something fun, something that would let me be creative and share it with the world, while not being too huge to keep in my small apartment. I'd already tried crocheting (takes too long!) and painting (takes waaaay too much room!) and wanted to try something new. After searching for a baby gift for a friend, it hit me - baby hats! I couldn't find the hats I had in mind. Something cute, something whimsical, something fun. That was when Babee Beaneez came into being.

The goal of Babee Beaneez is to give you something you can't find somewhere else. Want a hat with a whale? We've got that. Want to have a heart with a letter cut out of it? We've got that, too. Have an idea in mind but can't find it? We can make it. The sky's the limit!



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